• Graduated 2016

  • ​Goal:  Work in the nuclear energy industry.


time to get out the map:

I worked really hard to graduate from Crossroads Acadmey, but didn't have a solid vision for my future after that.  Moving from job to job and not getting ahead isn't working anymore.  

I'm now getting help as an Alumni member to map out a better future for myself and my family.

  • Graduated 2016

  • ​Goal: Become an EMT




almost through the first leg of my journey:

I came for summer session and stayed so I could take college courses for FREE!  I graduated Crossroads Academy with 2 Associate Degrees and entered college as a Junior.

I'm currently in the final year of my nursing program.

pathways to success:

Whether through a trade or vocational school, college, military or right into the workforce upon graduation, Crossroads Academy endeavors to put each student onto a clear path to a successful future.  

i'm glad I got a head start:

I came to Crossroads Academy for the summer so I could get ahead in some of my classes.  When I was informed that I could take college courses while still in high school, I decided to stay.  By the time I graduated from Crossroads Academy, I had two Associate Degrees and was able to enter college as a Junior.  

​I recently joined the military to complete my degree.

  • Lowell observatory
  • GCU Theatre​
  • Graduated 2016

  • Goal:  Become a Geriatric Nurse

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  • Graduated 2014

  • ​Goal: Join the police force to become a detective or an IT Security specialist.

  • Start Date: Every Monday

  • ​Goal: Discover my passion and use it to become a successful, responsible member of the community.

Detours along the way:

Although I got sidetracked after high school, I have been able to enter a program through Crossroads Academy where I'm learning the steps to building my career while I have a full time job.

I just attended a medical job fair and am getting lots of offers for a job that will be a career starter instead of just another job leading to nowhere.