High School

Brittany - Class of 2019

Tyler - Class of 2019

I worked really hard to complete three years of high school in just one year. 

After graduation in May 2019, I'm starting my pre-req's in January 2020.  My goal is to complete these classes in one year and start vet school.

I came for summer session and stayed so I could take college courses for FREE!  I graduated Crossroads Academy with 2 Associate Degrees and entered college as a Junior.

I just completed my Nursing Program and am getting into my first job as a nurse!  



Crystal - Class of 2016



​Class of 2016

I'm currently working to complete my final year at West-MEC to earn my Welding Certification.

I came to Crossroads Academy for the summer so I could get ahead in some of my classes.  When I was informed that I could take college courses while still in high school, I decided to stay.  By the time I graduated from Crossroads Academy, I had two Associate Degrees and was able to enter college as a Junior.  

​I later joined the military to complete my studies.