Addison - Class of 2018

Breanna - September 2018

I went to work after graduating high school.  After raising my child, I hope to go back to school to become a Paramedic.  

Catelynne - Class of 2020

High School

I was 2 semesters short for my high school graduation so I came to Crossroads to make up the mission credits.  I completed the work in 5 weeks and was still able to start college that fall where I'm working towards my degree in sports medicine.

After graduating high school, I got a job and moved out on my own.  For now, I'm enjoying the work and my independence.

Brittany - Class of 2019

Austin - Class of 2020

I found out in March that I was going to be short credits to graduate in May with my friends so I came to Crossroads Academy because I could work at my own pace.  I was able to complete the work in only 5 months.  I have since enrolled in community college.  

Tyler - Class of 2019

Daizy - Class of December 2016

Maria - Class of 2014

​​I joined Crossroads because I needed a flexible school schedule so I could keep working full time to help support my family.  Even though I started almost a year behind everyone else, I was able to catch up and graduate on time! 

Once I graduated I wanted to be able to earn a good income to support my family.

I worked really hard to complete 3 years of high school in just one year. 

Since graduation, I've started my pre-req's at Estrella Community College.  My goal is to complete these classes in one year and start vet school.

I came for summer session and stayed so I could take college courses for FREE!  I graduated from Estrella Mtn Community College Phi Theta Kappa as a Senior in High School with  Assoc Degree in Arts with High Distinction  & Assoc Degree in Science.
In December 2019, I graduated from ASU with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  I recently accepted a position at Banner University Medical Center in Tucson in their Cardiothoracic Surgical Unit.

Junior High

Antoun - Class of August 2018

After graduating high school, I enrolled in community college.  I'm not sure what my final goal is, but I'm taking it one day at a time.

Andrew - Class of 2020

Level 8 Scholar

​​​​Crystal - Class of 2016

Amber - Class of 2014

I came to Crossroads because I moved here in the middle of the school year.  I was still able to graduate and was able to take advantage of free college courses so I also had dome college credits!  After graduation, I went to Estrella Mountain Community college to get a degree in Astronomy.  I have since applied for an internship at NASA.

I really didn't want to come to a small school, but I had to register between semesters so I didn't have a choice.  It turns out, this was a great opportunity for me.  I found a real family on this campus.  They referred me to a job that I really like and I've graduated a few months early.  


Lauren - ​Class of 2016

I enrolled at Crossroads Academy with the intention of getting caught up and then transferring to the local high school.  But when I found out how much support and encouragement I was getting at Crossroads, I decided to stay.  I graduated a year early and am already working full time.

I'm currently working to complete my final year at West-MEC to earn my Welding Certification.

I came to Crossroads Academy for the summer to get ahead and discovered that college courses could be taken while still in high school and decided to stay.  By the time I graduated high school I had also graduated from Estrella Mtn Community College Phi Theta Kappa with an Assoc Degree in Arts with High Distinction  & Assoc Degree in Science and was able to enter college as a Junior.  

I entered ASU to earn my degree in Nuclear Engineering then made a 6 year commitment to the United States Navy where I'm serving as a Petty Officer 3rd Class while pursuing my Nuclear Engineering education.  

Christina - Class of 2014

​​​​Joined Crossroads as a young mother who wanted a high school diploma to be a good example for her daughter, to be a better mother and able to obtain a job to help support her family.

Elizabeth - Class of 2019