Addison - Class of 2018

Breanna - September 2018

After graduating high school, I worked from job to job to earn money to raise my son.  ​I got a call from the staff at Crossroads Academy after I graduated asking me if I was interested in a job placement program called Escape Velocity so I could get on more of a career path instead of moving from job to job.  Now I'm working at a great place and I love what I'm going.

Catelynne - Class of 2020

High School

I was 2 semesters short for my high school graduation so I came to Crossroads to make up the mission credits.  I completed the work in 5 weeks and was still able to start college that fall where I'm working towards my degree in kinesiology.

Since graduating high school, I've gotten married and am expecting my first child.

Brittany - Class of 2019

Austin - Class of 2020

I found out in March that I was going to be short credits to graduate in May with my friends so I came to Crossroads Academy because I could work at my own pace.  I was able to complete the work in only 5 months.  I have since enrolled in community college.  

Tyler - Class of 2019

Daizy - Class of December 2016

Maria - Class of 2014

​​I joined Crossroads because I needed a flexible school schedule so I could keep working full time to help support my family.  Even though I started almost a year behind everyone else, I was able to catch up and graduate on time! 

Once I graduated I wanted to be able to earn a good income to support my family.

I worked really hard to complete 3 years of high school in just one year. 

Since graduation, I've started my pre-req's at Estrella Community College.  My goal is to complete these classes in one year and start vet school.

I came for summer session and stayed so I could take college courses.  I graduated from Estrella Mountain Community College Phi Theta Kappa as a Senior in High School with  Assoc Degree in Arts with High Distinction  & Assoc Degree in Science.
In December 2019, I graduated from ASU with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  I recently accepted a position at Banner University Medical Center in Tucson in their Cardiothoracic Surgical Unit.  I'm also saving to continue my education as a Veterinarian at U of A.

Junior High

Antoun - Class of August 2018

After graduating high school, I enrolled in community college.  I'm not sure what my final goal is, but I'm taking it one day at a time.

Level 8 Scholar

​​​​Crystal - Class of 2016

Amber - Class of 2014

I came to Crossroads because I moved here in the middle of the school year.  I was still able to graduate and was able to take advantage of free college courses so I also had dome college credits!  I completed my Undergraduate work at Emery Riddle and am now pursuing my Masters Degree.  

I really didn't want to come to a small school, but I had to register between semesters so I didn't have a choice.  It turns out, this was a great opportunity for me.  I found a real family on this campus.  They referred me to a job that I really like and I've graduated a few months early.  


Lauren - ​Class of 2016

I enrolled at Crossroads Academy with the intention of getting caught up and then transferring to the local high school.  But when I found out how much support and encouragement I was getting at Crossroads, I decided to stay.  I graduated a year early and am already working full time.

I've earned my welding certification and landed my first job.  I'm making a great income and love what I'm doing.​

I came to Crossroads Academy for the summer to get ahead and discovered that college courses could be taken while still in high school and decided to stay.  By the time I graduated high school I had also graduated from Estrella Mountain Community College Phi Theta Kappa with an Assoc Degree in Arts with High Distinction  & Assoc Degree in Science and was able to enter college as a Junior.  

I entered ASU to earn my degree in Nuclear Engineering, joined the US Navy where I graduated A School and am currently completing my Power School at Goose Creek.  

Christina - Class of 2014

​​​​Joined Crossroads as a young mother who wanted a high school diploma to be a good example for her daughter, to be a better mother and able to obtain a job to help support her family.

Elizabeth - Class of 2019

Crossroads Academy