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Tell the State of Arizona how you want your tax dollars spent!


The Arizona State Tax Credit program allows you to do exactly that.  You can tell the State of Arizona that you would like to make a donation to an eligible organization, such as Crossroads Academy, and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit against any taxes you might owe to the State of Arizona.

Arizona law provides a tax credit for contributions to public schools in support of extracurricular activities (ECA) or character building education.  You can help Crossroads Academy’s students and possibly lower your tax bill by making a donation.

The state tax credit is available to ALL qualifying individual Arizona state taxpayers.  You do not need to have a child enrolled in school to take advantage of this state tax credit.  The deadline to make a donation is April 1, 2019. It is always best to consult a tax adviser to see if you qualify for the dollar-for-dollar credit.  A tax credit is different from a deduction because you may subtract the whole contribution from your Arizona state tax bill. An individual may contribute as much as $200.00, while a couple filing jointly may contribute as much as $400.00 to a public school and receive the money back in the form of a tax credit.

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