• Start Date: Aug 2016

  • Starting Job: 8th Grade

  • Current Job: Junior

  • ​Goal: Become a Dental Hygienist 

  • Start Date: Jan 2018

  • Starting Job: 3rd Grade

  • Current Job: 5th Grade

  • Goal: I want to be an architect, even if I have to do a lot of math.

What I'm working on:

My greatest challenge is overcoming obstacles so I'm challenging myself to keep working when I really want to give up.  I'm trying to make myself work at classes I don't really like and get the assignments done the best that I can.

  • Start Date: April 2018

  • Starting Job: 6th Grade

  • Current Job: 7th Grade

  • ​Goal: Join the Buckeye Explorers program next year.


  • Lowell observatory
  • GCU Theatre​

I LOVE my west-mec program!

I've been attending West-MEC since August and have already adjusted my long-term goals.  I thought I would be happy as a Dental Assistant, but with just a few more college courses - which I can take at Crossroads - I can be in a position to become a Dental Hygienist so I can be more involved with my patient's care.  Meanwhile, I'm really excited about what I'm doing.

In a day where lifetime employment, job security, and an element of mastery have become increasingly difficult to find, the importance of lifelong education and entrepreneurial self-starting have become ever more important.

With that in mind, student success at Crossroads Academy is not only about learning our ABC's and 123's, it's about learning the life skills that are necessary to finding a path to a successful future.  Whether college bound, passionate about a vocation or trade, or eager to jump right into the world of employment, Crossroads Academy students are given every opportunity to find, solidify and take their first tentative steps upon their path to success while still earning their diploma. This is accomplished through a variety of strategic partnerships, where each unique program is highly invested in the success of the next generation.  Our partner programs start as young as 3rd grade by teaching soft skills and get increasingly more employment related with each new grade level.

Here, you can follow students through their successes and failures.  You can celebrate each new accomplishment, admire their ability to learn something from their failures, and encourage them to endure and persevere in the subjects that cause them the most frustration.     



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Pathway to success:

I want to become a member of a SWAT team so I'm working hard, minding my manners and helping others.  My biggest challenge is English.  

I'm working to qualify for the Buckeye Explorer Program when I turn 14 next year.  

  • Start Date: Jan 2018

  • Starting Job: Sophomore

  • Current Job: Sophomore​

  • ​Goal: Become a World Class Problem Solver


goals and gifts:

I'm in 5th grade now.  In addition to my coursework, I applied for the job of Facilities Manager so I'm responsible for keeping the mens bathroom clean.  I get $25 GBucks every two weeks if I do a good job and I get to use my earnings in our campus store.