We believe that we all should be life long learners. 

Sometimes you learn more outside the classroom than you do in the classroom. 

Field trips are an important part our our school.  We plan field trips based on students interests.   

One student suggested we mimic 'The Science Channel' show  Punkin Chunkin!

Two teams were created, each building their own trebuchet to see who would be able to toss the pumpkin the further!

Lots of work, lots of fun, but finally the building has been completed!  Tonopah Fire Department stopped by to watch, but ending up help with the heavy work!

To see how our own punkin chunkin worked out, check out our Facebook page!

Our day of Science Experiments started with a question from a student...  'how many rubber bands does it take to make a watermelon explode?' 

We found out!

We also make elephant toothpaste, our own bouncy balls, made tea bags fly, made a rainbow in a jar, made coke fountains!

What an exciting day!

One student is interested in pursuing a career in Astronomy.

We visited the world famous Kitt Peak Observatory in Tucson, Arizona!

A day and night of exciting, new experiences!

Grand Canyon University presents Shakespeare's As You Like It!  

Who knew Shakespeare could be so funny!!

Then a tour of the campus that included lunch!

Learning Outside the Classroom

One student wants a career as a vet!

So off to River Ridge Veterinary Hospital where

we dissected fetal pigs!

We learned quite a bit that day!

A Science Day at Tonopah Fire Department!

We learned about fire, chemical reactions, rockets, rocket fuel and then.... Built our OWN ROCKETS!!

Check out our Facebook page for videos!


Our annual trip to 'A Christmas Carole' in Mesa, AZ!

We enjoy front row seats in a theater in the round, after a fancy dinner on the town!

This has a surprise ending that must be experienced in person!  

Another student is interested in a career in Geology. 

Off we are to Old Pueblo Archaeological Site in Tucson, Arizona!  

We dug, sorted, swept and mapped our finds!  We were dusty, dirty and smiling all day long!

Then watched a flint knapping demonstration!

A visit from Ms. Judy Schaffert of the Arizona Supreme Court provided a very interesting civics lesson for us!