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​​​​As a small campus, Crossroads Academy's staff gets to know their students. 

We know their dreams, goals, challenges, talents and obstacles.

We're then able to offer guidance, support, and extra-curricular programs on an individualized basis so they may chart a course towards  their own unique future.

Crossroads Academy helps each student develop the character skills to "connect the dots" from education to employment; to transition from a high school student to a successful adult confidently navigating the challenges of the real world.  

  You have the opportunity of being the change our students need.  Your donation can set off a chain reaction so powerful that it’s possible to make a real difference in the lives of our young people who might then make a positive change in the lives of others.

Every child, because every child is uniquely different.  They learn differently and at their own pace.  They each have different passions and challenges and they each develop different skills to express their passions and meet their challenges.