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High School

Academy.  The lessons being taught either are not available in a "traditional" school or not delivered in the same way.

As I audited the teambuilding workshop with lessons on integrity, I was surprised and proud of all the interaction between the students to achieve their goal.  The idea of integrity is not something widely taught in the classroom and for it to not only be taught but shown and encouraged every day throughout the staff and students is something to be excited and inspired by.         Danielle Busby

Junior High

Level 8 Scholar




Matthew W

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Matthew K



These are the years that young lives are shaped with the love of learning, socialization, emotional growth and decision making skills.  

​Here, you can follow students through their successes and failures.  You can celebrate each new accomplishment, admire their ability to learn something from their failures, and encourage them to endure and persevere in the subjects that cause them the most frustration.  

From a Parents Perspective:

I would like to say how grateful I am for the education my son is receiving at Crossroads