Crossroads Academy


My sister started at Crossroads Academy last year and started doing really well in school.  I got to come to some of the fun nights and I met a lot of other kids here.  I really liked them and decided I would like to come here too.  But my parents wanted me to finish 4th grade first.

Then my school closed because of the virus.  That's when I came here.  I was able to do my work from home and Mrs. Z called me every day to make sure I understood my assignments.

I came to Camp Crossroads for summer and got to build the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Stonehenge.  I'm really enjoying that because it's fun to learn new things just because.

Now I'm in 5th grade and it's harder than 4th grade.  But I can get tutoring from my teachers for the really hard stuff and my other classmates can help me too.