1. Distance learning is by definition carried out through institutions; it is not self-study or a nonacademic learning environment. Crossroads Academy offers a traditional classroom-based setting for instruction employing today's technological advances.  All coursework is eligible for accreditation by the same agencies as those schools employing more traditional methods of education.

2.  Although geographic separation of the student and teacher is normal in distance learning, Crossroads Academy utilizes Academic Coaches on-site to provide oversight of the classroom, answer questions and provide additional learning opportunities outside the textbook.

Two basic differences distinguish distance learning from traditional learning.

Education gives us knowledge of the world around us and changes into something deeper.  It develops in us a perspective of looking at life, helping us build opinions and having a point of view. 

Determining one's path is the first step towards adult success.  Through strategic partners, Crossroads Academy offers students: 

  • free college courses
  • free trade, technology and vocational education
  • life skills and career readiness workshops

Education isn't just about lessons in a textbook, it's about the lessons of life.

The successful distance learning student:

  • is focused on their education
  • possesses self-agency
  • has parents as active participants in their education.