Crossroads Academy


My favorite part of Crossroads is that we are all family.  We each love each other in our own ways.  All the people here just want to see you succeed at life!

​When I started her 3 years ago, I just wanted to be pretty.  I thought that's all I could be.  Then last year I wanted to be a chef and I organized a cooking class so I could learn more about cooking.

This year I've decided I want to be a pilot.  And maybe a chef too.  I'm starting to believe that I'm pretty smart.  I'm getting A's in two subjects, I'm on track with all of my work and I just brought my Science and Social Studies grades up.

Sometimes I still get discouraged but then my Academic Coach lets me know I can try again to get a better grade or that I just need to do an extra lesson to get caught back up.