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​​​​​These are the years that young lives are shaped with the love of learning, socialization, emotional growth and decision making skills.  

We learn the first steps in life with our elementary years, where we all learn to walk before we begin to hop, skip and jump into life.



Elementary Grades

Jr High and High School

Is it time for a change

in your child's education? 

The internet is revolutionizing education and how we learn and gain knowledge.  It is also redefining the way students go to school.  Traditional school models are currently being redesigned as students no longer require a commonplace classroom to obtain knowledge and demonstrate skill mastery.  At the forefront of that change, charter schools and private academies are akin to start-ups from the business world, where the most revolutionary ideas in learning and student progress evolve.

With state accredited curriculum provided by an industry leader in on-line-learning, Crossroads Academy is using adaptive technology to teach core skills faster and more efficiently, allowing us ample time to teach and develop life skills for our students. Not only are we preparing students to think deeply, to learn how to fail, and to problem solve, we're excited to help prepare students for the ultra-competitive workplace that is evolving at lightning speed.

If your child is ready for a 21st century education to help prepare them for the 21st century workforce, Crossroads Academy is for you.

High school is a time of increasing independence - not just emotionally and socially, but academically too.  Learning to apply knowledge to real-life situations and becoming an independent thinker are important skills for our older students.

​Participation in summer session has been shown to have substantial beneficial effects on educational progress.  It can be used to obtain credit for classes to accelerate progress toward a degree or to lessen the load of courses during the regular academic year.