and kids who are still discovering,

Kids are uniquely individual. 

Their education should be the same.  

Crossroads Academy is an academic learning center focused on the development of the whole child.  Working in partnership with parents, students are coached towards success in academics, attitude, dedication and determination.  

Our online, work-at-your-own pace platform allows students that need more challenge to work ahead while ensuring that those who need additional support get it through one-on-one tutoring with the teacher who created the curriculum.  A learning gap which may have left the child frustrated and uncertain can be overcome with a few simple tools, a determined learner, engaged parents, and a supportive Academic Coach. It takes a team.    

We are all about education and working towards career training and development.  We start talking about this at the 5th grade level, encouraging students to understand the connection between knowledge and employment.  Which is why most of our high school students are currently participating in some type of post-secondary education and training.  With our extra-curricular programming, students collaborate, communicate, learn new skills, discover new things about themselves and engage in problem-solving and decision-making activities.    

Our classrooms are considered workspaces - this means a quiet zone with no cell phones or other distractions.  Students are responsible for their education starting with their daily goal sheet- again this starts at the 5th grade level.  The Daily Goal Sheet is the students' plan for the lessons to be accomplished during each work period including the lessons that they'll repair and re-submit to get a better grade.  At the 9th grade level, students are introduced to the Graduation Plan so they can gain an understanding of state requirements for graduation and know where they are on that path.

Our Academic Coaches work with each child several times weekly to ensure each student is on track, working inside each subject daily and submitting their best work.  Parents are contacted at least bi-weekly with an update of the students progress, in academics as well as attitude.

On a small campus, we get to know our students.  We can see when they're having a bad day, need motivation, are ready for the next challenge or deserve to celebrate a success.  

Kids with a dream....

Who Do We Do It For?

We do it for AMAZING KIDS!

Inspired or disengaged.....challenged or bored.....

                             focused and driven or uncertain and searching,

Kids that get it....

and kids that don't.

‚ÄčCrossroads Academy